Sealing the Exits

Building’s on fire.  Fire department has been called.  All safe?  No…not if…..  the exits have been sealed and you’re still inside.

And in a sense, that’s where millions of Americans are finding themselves. And strangely, they can give thanks:

Their jobs have disappeared.  Thanks Virus. 

They’re not as confident in their money holding value: Thanks Fed.

Their mail-in ballots are in question:  Thanks Post Master.

Their tax rates will be skyrocketing.  Thanks again, virus.

No more going the movies, a dinner out, and some of those “personal services” that used to power a vibrant “services sector.”  Once upon a time, we all had servants – at least now and then.  Ah, yesterday.  Thanks – circumstances.

We look today at tomorrow and try to get a sense of how it will all work out when economic reality hits- with the exits sealed and passports useless.  We’re not looking at the short-term bubble crap – but when the real stuff hits the fan on the years-long timescale when the votes aren’t certain, and the tax man commeth for that “advance refund” refund.

What then?

But first, a few headlines and charts – because this is not – as some are errantly framing these times as the “Roaring Twenties, again.”   No way in  hell.  Data set remediation, here we come.

And in this mid-summer writing frenzy, an in-depth look at what’s ahead for Oil, from the front lines with Oilman2, as well.

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