Scrying Future (Research)

A “two brains are better than one” report for Subscribers today as G.A. Stewart of The Age of Desolation website and I go looking for the methods behind Nostradamus.  Which only sounds quirky until you realize just how much of humankind’s future is laid out before us in a multiplicity of formats.

Some as ancient as rolled over Chaldean magic concepts while others are as recent as today’s experiments in quantum entanglement.

Which would be vital enough grist for investors were it not also part of an emerging technology I’ve sketched out coming – just like we sketched out the rise in “light devices” when in 2016 we talked about killing pain (and repair wrinkled skin and damaged eyes) as well as reversing AMD eye issues with photo biomodulation.

Now, another such path is ready to be blazed for readers but in order to appreciate where this next thrust will lead, input from an expert in Nostradamus’ work is in order, hence this morning’s coauthor’s expertise.

Before you jump into the 45-page PDF a few headlines and our ChartPack are in order.

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