Bear Hunting Monday?

Our research indicates the potential for explosive upside action in markets next week.

Please excuse our lack of a “focus” piece today – I was totally engrossed in trading this week because with market volatility, it’s what I do.  I like to trade.  This week, in particular, trading and future world events are remarkably linked as you shall see.

Remember: The work presented here value to any investor – short or long-term – but it is never investment advice, per se.  It is a knowledgeable discussion, but not advice.

In my own account, getting it as close to right as possible is a mind-numbing experience.  I sat in front of the monitor all day Friday (except pee breaks) and saw red ink bleeding off our account balances as the market dropped 450 points.  The compensation was modest:  I got the trade right  as the market rallied at the end (+500 briefly) and along the way made enough for half a dozen nice dinners out (OR 83-pizzas, lol).

This morning we skip everything (headlines and blah, blah) because this feels like a major inflection point.  Next week, I expect a massive “running of the bears.”  With our normal format out the window, bean up and let me run you through we arrived at this remarkable outlook…

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