Rethinking the G20 Role

I couldn’t just sleep-in.  Had something on my mind that we need to watch for in coming weeks That is, if “spider sense” means anything outside of Marvel-space.

I hope you’re having a dandy weekend and this will be mainly an expansion and continuation of the thinking that I outlined on the free side (Urban) Thursday morning.

Oh, and this being a holiday and all, no podcast.  Instead, flip over here to a classic bit of jazz/blues that (to me) well-describe the “field position” America finds itself in from here forward.

Ladies and gents: Mose Allison.  “Your Mind is On Vacation (and your mouth is working overtime…)”

One more (as long as I’ve taken a musical detour back to my time as a transmitter engineer in Seattle’s R&B/Jazz station?  How about “Big Miller” andWithout a Song?

More reflective, you say?  Al Jarreau “Spain (I recall)works.

Days like this – the big national holidays – I sit down in the studio and can become lost for hours.  Ideas pass by – a song remembered…

We are – after how many years is it? 244!  – still a country with a ton of potential, but at the same time, a ton of disappointment.

At 244, will we make 250 intact?

Always the philosophizer, eh?  A bit more coffee and then we launch…

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