Reliability: In Trading, Prepping, & MTBF

Several events have reminded me recently to “write up a useable guide to reliability.”  Because, with the world quickly going to hell in a Fed basket, we not only need to plan for contingencies, but contingencies on top of those!

Which is why – with the Fed announcement some six hours from now (as I write this) we will have a chance to try out our “combinatorial contingency skills” in real-life trading conditions.

We will avoid too much mathematical jargon, but a simple table and some first-hand examples will be useful to study, we’re thinking.

First, however, let’s see how the Happy Talk Choir performance is holding up as we roll through our Aggregate Index view of things.

That’s an index that combines many indices into one (assuming equal dollar weighting in each) in order to see the “real” truth about money as opposed to the widely repeated (and often wrong-headed) views.

Even before this, we will get into how SBF sent $1-million to a Texas democrat before his financial shenanigans came to light…

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