Recovery of Lost Technologies

Now that I’ve published the Small Trader Power Tool set – and subscribers have enough back-loaded historical data (nothing proprietary, just the Aggregate Indices we create) –  to at least begin back-testing their own trading ideas, I’m trying to “move on” to the projects that resonate most with me and which are both interesting plus offering some real future for humanity.

One of these topics is “lost technology.”

In addition to prepping and ham radio, of course, since there may be a Depression coming (they seldom send out invitations), the four projects that really “grab me” right now are the ones that have been rattling around in my head since the book-before  the book Psychocartography

On top of ultra-serious prepping, there are things like  sound-driven levitation, space-time warping, brain hacks, and unique explorations into historical events that may have much more basis in literal fact when viewed from the perspective of a modern, open-minded generalist.

Today, in what I hope is a refreshing break from markets and money and along wave economics (our focal stock-in-trade) we’ll instead consider some of the issues attendant to recovery of lost technologies.

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