Reader Discretion Advised

There are some things we don’t like to talk about on the “open web.” Although we normally confine our “deep thinking” to once per week, a very troubling observation from a colleague is our lead topic this morning.

We have our eyes on a very serious “change of sea state” and its part – we’re afraid – of the larger change that began when in the 2020 election, certain forces normally tasked with externalities of paving the road to future were turned internally.

Which matters?

With a Michael Benz book in the works his appearance in April on the Jewish News Syndicate’s Caroline Glick show was work taking the time to watch.  Benz was just as on point (and disturbing) as was his Tucker Carlson appearance. The U.S. government may be “managing” things domestically despite laws against such activities. Guess it depends on what you mean by “continuity of government” doesn’t it?

Once you understand what Benz is telling us then it’s easier to see the startling layers being perped on America right now.

Along with our usual ChartPack and a few other housekeeping items.

Three cups optional today.  It will really depend on how deep you want to roll with what we’re about to read you in on.

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