This morning a discussion of hybrid money systems.

Is there a way out of America’s Financial mess?  Well, turns out yes there is.  While it may seem impossible on the surface, there is one path that could pretty much cure “all that ails us.”

I call the process “re-denomination” and it would at once dispense with all kinds of financial uncertainty. 

There would, no doubt, be a huge cry from the vested interests in finance.  Because it’s in their selfish interests to keep front-running retail stock trades.  Which is what online trading platforms do.  And – since they’re all cut of the same cloth – the SEC and other mythical enforcement groups in bed with the industry they pretend to regulate – will punish only the slow manual traders.  High-frequency trading is crooked but the regulators pretend it’s not.

Yet, how is it HFT online tracing firms can give away stock trades commission-free?  Because the real money is made front-running, we suspect.

To fix that – and a ton of other ills – we need a bottom to top rethink.  So this morning we toss out a framework to get that done.

After charts and coffee, headlines and OK, if you insist, a few snide remarks along the way.  Oh, and our Indonesia Bureau Chief checks in…

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