Quest for “The Signal”

Forget about UFOs, ETs, life on other planets, or putting a few bucks a month into a SETI fund.

Not that these aren’t fine ways to spend money, after you have saved for retirement, paid off your car, student loans, and don’t owe anyone a dime ands have burned the mortgage… I mean they’re nice and all.  But where’s your priority?

Here lately I’m on on a question for something I call THE SIGNAL.

You know – the one that will tell you with adequate lead-time when to make this trade, or that, and which will result in becoming so fabulously wealthy that you will be able to buy a UFO, ET, or a whole large array for SETI to use.

This weekend, some design and theory notes on how to go signal sniffing for the one signal that could really make a difference in your life.

After we take cared of a few headline items and after we stare into the Trading Model to see where things are going in the short-term.

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