PT, CPT and Quantum Bounding of Choice

Oh-oh!  Into Prospect Theory (PT), Cumulative Prospect Theory (*CPT) and whether investment choices are driven by quantum bounding or, conversely, give rise to it? A little early to “go heavy and deep” but over the past couple of weeks a strangelet of quantumness has been nagging at me.  Specifically, how free choice may indeed be bounded by a choicing matrix few handle consciously.

Admittedly, this is creepy-strange stuff for a (nominally) lifestyle, futuring, and small-time investor’s newsletter.

But if we can help you scalp better through improved apprehension of decision biases we all hold?  Sure, we’re down with ‘take the money.’

We’ll launch into the morning’s pot of idea stew after our usual headlines and a look at what MIGHT have been “turnaround Tuesday” – which got lost on its way.

Leaving the hard call (“Where is the ideal re-short position?“) for today’s time-in-chair-trading.

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