Pretend We Have a King

Today we proudly present an interview with the King of America.

Not that we have a REAL King, of course.  One of the best things about America is what?  That we don’t have a monarchy.  Instead, we have divided power between the Courts, the Congress, and the Executive.

Except, as a result, all the functions of the Monarchy are still fulfilled and those in charge are abled to exact the same tribute as a King or despot.  Funny how history works out.

The downside to multi-personality (disordered) governance is that we don’t have one entity to hold to account when things go wrong.  Which, in turn explains why we have so much “he-said, she-said” and finger pointing.  What we have for breakfast, then, are a few notes on how illusory economic progress is – and the mechanics behind it.

All made so much easier if we pretend to have a King and follow the economic evidence from there.

So if you’re wondering how both parties can claim belief  in a balanced budget, yet nothing ever seems to get done about it, the model shown today will explain how things really work and show you the illusions hidden in the detail drill-down.

After our Trading Model and some headlines, of course.  And sure, several cups of coffee, too.

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