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George Ure Announces Inflation/Deflation Tolerance Spreadsheet


 East Texas, June 26, 2007 -- Peoplenomics, a weekly financial issues newsletter ( has announced release to subscribers of a personal planning spreadsheet called "Calamity Planner I."


The Peoplenomics newsletter, which focuses on a wide range of economic issues and their impact on consumers and very small investors, released the spreadsheet as a key part of this week's report.


"What I wanted to do," explained publisher George Ure, "is give people a simple-to-use tool that offers some perspective on how much inflation, or deflation, a person's current asset allocations provide for.  How long will my savings last?  What if I lose my job?  That kind of thing.  We wanted to be able to easily answer a question like 'At my current lifestyle, if inflation popped up to 10%, how many months could I maintain today's lifestyle before my savings run out, but if my job continued in a highly inflationary environment?  The spreadsheet also handles deflation, as well."


Citing titanic opposing forces in the investment world, such as the decline in housing prices in some markets, the huge run-up in the Chinese stock market, recent problems of collateralized debt instruments, and what could be viewed as a recent increase in stock market volatility, Ure's spreadsheet has been warmly welcomed by subscribers.


"Financial planners generally do a good job of modeling central tendencies in finance, but what I wanted my subscribers to have was a handy tool so that in the event of what officials politely call a 'hyper-volatility inducing exogenous event', or what you and I would call a meltdown or blow-off, we could see at a glance what the impacts could be," continued Ure.  "This is a tool designed to help gauge personal reaction to unexpected 'out-of-left-field' events."


The Peoplenomics newsletter, written by MBA and business sales & marketing consultant George Ure,  is published weekly.  An annual subscription is US$40/year.  Subscription details may be found at