Prepping: Last Train Out?

Although we don’t dwell on what it would be like to seriously prepare for global economic collapse, markets are driving today’s discussion.  Because if even a modest disruption in the Supply Chain can cause truck and auto deliveries to falter, and certain foods to become “unobtainium” we wonder what else might become scarce in the uncertain future?

This morning after our ChartPack displaying how close to *(but actually worse than) the 1929 market decline track we’re on, we outline some very serious steps to mediate possible personal impacts.

We won’t even attempt to do the encyclopedic in-depth part of prepping.  Other sites do that much better (though with less emphasis on tracking fundamental economic drivers) than we do.

Instead, we focus on our Fall 2022 spending plans and what burning through a fair bit of savings is buying us for 2023 and beyond that will have value no matter whether the market and the global financial system can be saved, or not.

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