Prepping for War With Robots

imageThis morning is a fine example of a New Depression Journal and Look Ahead:  You see humans are -whether they realize it, or not – in a perilous gulch at the moment.  The results of decisions made now – and in coming years – may determine how humans fare in future relations with machines.

While this is not purely economic, and thus within our normal scope in Peoplenomics, the matter is sure to become both economic as well as social in less than 10-years time.

The decisions we make now are important.  As you will see in the materials to be presented using our hypothetical Directorate 153 paradigm, a continuity of government agency may even today be working the “leading edge” of the issues.

For Gun Rights advocates, there is a key question:  The currently framed interpretation of the Constitution permits us to “keep and bear arms.” 

Traditional interpretation has so far generally limited the definition to fired projectiles.  Yet, as you will see this morning, there are a wide range of non-traditional weapons which are both common and which could be tasked as anti-robotic measures.  In the face of this reality, will Liberty be able to outrun the megalomaniacs who would command hoards of robots?

We are on a new track here:  Where are the limits to weapons and under the Constitution, where do we draw the line?  Pellet guns, compound hunting bows, high powered long-arms, or bacteriological, nuclear, or robotic weapons systems are all on a continuum.

That and our usual short list of key headlines and a lot at where the markets sits as another week came to an end.

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