Prepping for a Nuclear Nightmare

Having covered one nightmare scenario for the future in Wednesday’s Peoplenomics – The drought impacting Mexico and Central America gets much worse and 40-million people simply walk to the US border – we might as well put our the Stephen King hat one more time this week with a look at potential nuclear disasters.

Don’t get me wrong:  I love nuclear power.   But I don’t like what it does when it breaks, the risk of terrorism shows up, or various and assorted governments (and other nutters) get their hands on assorted dial-a-yield technologies.  That this hardware is still out there somewhere has been an established fact since the breakdown of the Former Soviet Union as the Cockburn and Cockburn classic One Point Safe documented during the loss of administrative inventory control of things like MIRV warheads during the Soviet version of Collapse of Empire.

Before we have a (bad pun alert) “rad” conversation about how to prep for this next set of nasty’s we’ll scan the news headlines and see what’s shaking.

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