Prepper’s Guide: Basic DC Power Systems

March 23, 2013 — As couple of reader emails in the past few weeks have  prompted me to write a short guide on using solar (and wind) power.  But unlike  in past issues of Peoplenomics, like issue #362 (*Robust  Home Power, Aug. 10, 2008) which begins with the esoteric planning using a  ‘load sheet’ /needs analysis and then designs a house-sized solar power system,  this week’s summary is a simple cheatsheet for emergency situationa. So, that’s  our task this morning:  Build a pocket reference so the fellow who has a child  in a wheelchair will be able to cobble up a suitable solar charging option in an  emergency. Or, if you have aunt Millie on an oxygen concentrator, you can maybe  keep her huffing until the power comes back on (if it does…).  More  importantly, even if you’re not interested in having a two-page cheatsheet for  use in a disaster setting, you’ll be able to follow along as we condense  knowledge, summarizing and get it ready to laminate and put with our prepper  stash. Ah, but before we get into the prepping part, some steely-eyed review of  overnight news and our charts await.  So hoist that cup, slug that coffee, and  let’s ‘git er’ done…

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