Prepper Deluxe: Time to Get a "Cache Property?"

Like so many kids today, mine have not been family-forming or buying property.  But there’s a set of events a few years out on the horizon that make at least some absolutely minimal fall-back position from Big Cities something to seriously consider.

Yeah, yeah…”Ain’t got money, Dad…” is the usual answer.  So this morning, in preparation for my son coming down here to visit, a preview of the stern lecture that Dad will be issuing, complete with timing of the real estate cycles and so forth, that are involved.

At some point, today’s kids are going to wake up and realize they have been “had” by the Nanny State.  And when the sociopolitical upheaval, accompanied by wholesale mass unemployment greater than even the 1930’s shows up, a Minimal Fall-back Property (MFP) will be the one serious investment most preppers will not have made.

So today, we run through the basics.  Oh, and you’re welcome to come with Robin Landry and me (and our wives) on a cruise.  Details for Peoplenomics subscribers only!

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