Power in the Second Depression (Updated eBook)

When TSHTF a lot of people will be in the dark wondering “What happened?”  A few years ago, we presented a multipart series on keeping the lights on and the beer cold as economic collapse came stumbling across the world.

Today – in 160-pages of downloadable PDF eBook for subscribers, a discussion of D.C. power system design in the context of social collapse.

This is the first of two inexpensive eBooks I have plans to release publicly this year, based on past Peoplenomics reports.  The other one – which will be along in a few weeks is “The 100-Year Toaster”  which gets  into the nuts and economic bolts of our global “disposable things” society.

Plan is to upload both of these as Amazon ebooks for Kindle over the next month, or two. They will not be expensive – thinking $4.99 each which is reasonable, even on this last Prime Day, lol.

Before downloading the .PDF, however, we’ll first roll out this morning’s C.P.I. report and see how markets take to that.

Which then segues neatly into the ChartPack where some of the mystery of ongoing decline will come into clearer focus.

Shall we, then?

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