Power in the Greater Depression (Ch. 7)

Discrete Chargers and Inverters

In today’s chapter, we explore  some of the key “discrete” components of an alternative energy system.  They’re “discrete” in that they are somewhat “system agnostic” and don’t look at a data bus for other manufacturer “family” products in order to operate.

To make this as painless and possible, we’ve broken this chapter into two sections:  Charging and Inverting.  Under these headings, we further list by approximate price-point in ascending order which roughly tracks performance scaling. 

As in so many other areas of life, you’ll see how in power electronics, the saying “You get what you pay for…” applies, too.

Before we get to this week’s chapter, though, we have many notes on the “Future Matrix” for the upcoming week that will drive human events (and therefore markets).  A method to anticipate the future is outlined.

All this after our usual foreplay consisting of some headlines and commentary plus a view of the stock market using our Aggregate Index approach. 

Did I mention coffee and that massage business in Florida?

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