Power in the Greater Depression (Ch. 4)

Confessions of “A Battery Slumlord.”  As  our “superior prepping” for whatever comes has evolved, we began with a survey of  basic energy economics in a society that literally would starve without lots of power.

After that, we ran through the process of “Scoring Power Sources” in chapter two.  On Wednesday, we rolled out some of the basic design parameters of any alternative power system by looking at lifestyles and load sheets.

This brings us to this morning’s chapter where you will learn more than most about how to select batteries.  We will “go light” on the chemistry, but we will share some critical theory.  Because with the exception of large ICE-driven sources, it’s nice to be able to store a lot of power for future use.  You’ll learn how to “run the numbers.”

First, however, a few headlines and some focus on the charts because we seem to be breaking higher in the markets.  We’ll dust off our Elliott wave prediction spreadsheet in here, too.  So coffee and headlines and then we’re off.  Doing what few will on such a football-oriented weekend.  Wasting none of our precious time in life, except, perhaps, to marvel at today’s demonstration of a time machine on national television.

Wait!  Did I just say time machine?

Sure did!  How else can you explain 2 minutes on the clock taking more than 20-minutes to occur out here in the hinterlands?

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