PopDrop and SynGro

Two big stories this week frame a change in how the US Economy works.  The CDC reported the American birth rate is now down to the lowest level in 32-years.  At the same time, claimed president Trump Thursday, smuggled children constituted almost 65% per illegal border crossers this year.

Here’s the problem: We have a population drop (PopDrop) problem at the same time we need synthetic growth (SynGro) to keep the economy from imploding. 

The MainStreamMedia is either deliberately lying about what’s going on, with the battle for  future of tax revenues, or they are incomprehensively stupid.

Notwithstanding the Stanford-Binet’s,  a tale of two economies today, as we sort through the idea of merit or just keeping the doors open to everyone.

After tea and crumpets (OK, coffee & charts, then) of course.

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