Plotting the Economy’s New Future

With markets at new (nominal) highs this weekend, a look to see where the runaway train is headed seems to make sense.  Will we hit a turn and “jump the tracks?”

As we ponder this, the Russians have gained more ground in the area of Donetsk where future-critical petroleum reserves are located.  Plus now we’re hearing about energy deposits becoming a major turning point in South America as well.

If you’re new to Peoplenomics these developments – while a horror to level-headed, peaceful persons – are very predictable.  Since there are more than 8-billion people in the world and we are eating the planet barren at an astounding rate.  As I’ve told you again this week, energy is “future food.”

More coffee, then,  as we follow the twists and turns of Life at the edge of the Petri Dish.  With a ChartPack update featuring more than a dozen charts showing where the market wants to go…

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