PLE – Personal Life Extension

Since both of our reports next week will deal with charts only (holiday), I wanted to share some research that you’ll find very interesting. 

It’s all arisen out of my latest novel (about 50-pages into the writing part – but life intrudes – often!) “Ancient Children” is its title.

The plot involves an exceptional aging couple who – for reasons that vex a Social Security fraud investigator.  Because the hero and heroine in the book look upwards of 50-years younger than they should look by modern standards.

While working out the plot line, it struck me that I’d never seen a really good list of all the ways people can (but only if it’s turned into a personal discipline with a series of habits) turn extreme anti-aging into a reality.

As a result, since many people find themselves with a little “extra time on their hands” around the holidays, there’s enough concept and application detail in this morning’s report to comprise a very useful “getting started” approach to PLE – Personal Life Extension –  research..

Yes.  If you hadn’t figured it, Elaine and I are already well past the “fixing to get ready” part of this.  Our daily routines are loosely based on following the concepts we’ll outline today.

Along with the headlines and ChartPack, of course!

Spoiler Alert: We review more than 30 techniques and ideas!  This is a two-cupper…

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