Personal Financial Train Wreck, Anyone?

Or, how I turned a 40% gain into a 10% gain by modifying a successful trading approach.  Not a tale of woe (though anyone who says “It’s only money” is a damned liar). It’s really about the soaring cost of a good market education when you’re out on the theoretical edge.

Death may have the marketing slogan “Grim Reaper” but looks to us like A.I. is becoming the “Grim Thinker.” Which we will examine in detail this morning.

I probably couldn’t have chosen a worse time to change from day trading to position trading if I had tried. It is real money, sure, but I can make it back, no problem. Just ticks me off (at myself) that I didn’t see it coming, better.  Lessons learned?

Based on our doctor visit results Tuesday, we will likely live at least long enough to recoup, since our health is excellent, even though our change-of strategies timing ain’t.

Market data dumps are on the way plus there’s the matter of craziness ahead…ah, that.  Need to sample water from that end of the pool, too.

Trader’s ponder du jour? Coffee, tea, or flee?

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