Periodicity Within Collapse

By some measures, the stock market is at new highs this week. However, by other measures it is not.

This morning, some “notes to a colleague” on periodicity within collapse micro waves.

Not as simple as “Get ready to relive the collapse of the Soviet Union (1988-2000) here.  But, very much worth considering because the “Gambler’s Paradox” is likely to play out differently in America than in what’s now Russia.

A few headlines and such, then down the rabbit holes of finance we venture, again.

But, I must apologize (in advance) for the length of this morning’s column which is all over the place.  Including a couple of snips of woo-woo; one of which involves an earthquake…an yes, in Atlanta overnight, the “Murder Cycle” showed up…

On a cheerier note: Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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