Peoplenomics: Second Depression Handbook (Ch. 3)

In this morning’s epistle, we come to the problem of where do you want to live when TSHTF.

It is not so apparent as you might believe.  For one thing, there are a ton of economic decisions to be made.  And, do you really want to live in an apartment should civil unrest follow mass layoffs?  Remember, in the last Depression there was some social unrest.

It will likely be a lot faster and more violent that the Bonus March, or any of the alternative government demonstrations that went on back when.  Remember, all the discussion back then came against a backdrop of a factory system and there were unions in ascendancy.  Today we have far less in the way of social check valves (which unions and a more puritanical life) fostered.  That “All American’s first” has been replaced with the “One for me and all for Me” kind of philosophy.

First though, a look at the charts and then we will lay out this housing problem in “Where to call home?” When TSHTF.

Sure, a NH note, too, but that you can get anywhere…but we will look at Janet Yellen’s forthcoming remarks.

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