Peoplenomics “Book of Larger Contexts”

We stray from our usual track this morning  to lay out a kind of “Here’s How It All Works” report that’s some 7,000 words in length.

Lots of charts, too.

We cover everything from the immigration debate – and explain how it’s really a fundamental economic issue.  In addition, we walk-through why a Trump Tax Cut is a horrible idea and could easily backfire.

And all, when you think about it – which we do this morning – then leads to the even-larger context of governments repudiating fixed convertibility for money.

What frightens us most is that governments worldwide are moving to simply “make up” valuations of fiat money on the weak argument that terrorism could be fostered by cash.

That’s not a lie, per se.  More like an incredible stretch of the truth.  Which in turn begs the question whether tax cuts beget cashless, cashless begets floating scrip, and in the end panic as paper money heads for the scrap heap.

Definitely a “three-cupper” of a report.

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