Peoplenomics Annual Forecast (2)

Housing, Food, and Communications are in our sights this morning.  In Saturday’s subscriber report, I put forth some market expectations for 2014 and it seems only right to look at the translation of that forecast into possible cost impacts in specific areas of life.  While the (false) glee of a budget agreement may seem like a grand thing, it is merely an effort to postpone the inevitable conclusion which must occur when demand for service – paid for by taxes – runs into the hard reality of limited taxing power as the number and wages of working humans declines.  As the old demographer said, “If you want to know the future, start with birth rates…”  But first, we’ll have coffee, check out some headlines, and see what our Trading Model says about the period immediately ahead.  Bundle up and top off…this is gonna be cool….  But let’s start off with a quick subscriber poll…

(May take extra load time due to graphics this morning)

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