PCO: Do you have an “Arrival Protocol?”

imageWe’ll chat this morning about life beyond prepping and PCO: post-collapse operations.  Let me ramble here and explain why.

When UrbanSurvival started down the “invincibly prepared” path in 1997, I was living on a 40-foot sailboat up in Seattle and wondering “Just how bad could it get, this Y2K stuff?”

As it turns out, while there were tons of small computer issues, massive code rewrites to deal with the date-rollover saved the day – at least for then.

Next came the events of 9/11 and we saw how financial markets could (and did) react to something going terribly wrong.  Money in markets was simply not available if instantly needed in the face of calamity. 

Although it’s popular to let the Bush administration off the hook, that the ensuing war was a manipulation in order to invent a “Security State” overnight (employing a million people, directly and indirectly) is hardly deniable.

We invaded the wrong country – which should have been Saudi Arabia because that’s where the perps were from – and the freedom of Saudi Royals to fly American airspace when lawful citizens were forbidden is conveniently forgotten in the government rush to trample formerly free people’s rights.  Welcome, too, the Surveillance State.

Then came 2008 where the PowersThatBe engineered a catastrophic near-miss for the Global Economy to both hold up taxpayers (via government bail-outs) but also to reassert control over government policy.  Oh, and beggar millions who were unable to keep the homes they had purchased at highly inflated prices.

Which brings us to the present in the Big Scheme of Cyclical Economics (and shakedowns of the chattel class):  What should be we preparing for now?

UrbanSurvival’s Inside Report was one of the first sites on the net to deal with prepping in a meaningful way.  Now,  Peoplenomics will move into a new area in addition to our focus on economics and wheedling out a few coins:  Collapse (and post-collapse) operations.

We begin this week with “Arrival Protocols.”  It’s not something you’ll find much about today, but then again, we do like to be early for the party – and have been for decades.

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