Pathways to New Future

What humans have been doing so far has not worked out especially well.  Sure, we have 8-billion people.  Which – and this is a hard one to conceptualize – is 40-times larger than it was in Jesus’ time; people numbered only 200-million back then.

Even so, mankind was even then territorial, fighting wars, and using religious fervor to “out-screw” other religions. Because the main tactic of humans seems to be out-populate, assimilate, or assassinate.  In whatever order is convenient.

Mainly through (crappy, alright) choices, though we have longer spears now, the goals are relatively unchanged.  Put the “other guy’s population in chains” and have them work the fields, pay the taxes, and our birthright to violence has made it so.

It occurs to us, however, that with a modest application of teoriya resheniya izobretatelskikh zadach, TRIZ, we can indeed come up with alternative ways of being in Life that may save us from what is largely a psychosexual penchant for violence.

On the path today? Three items which may be of nearly universal interest.

The first is a new Solar Power paradigm.  See this is a novel cost-reduction strategy for power systems which has not been fully-realized yet.

Then we present a short discussion of changes to our prepping plans – aspects you may not have focused on IF the ugly reality of nuclear weapons use become real. As it is very much threatening to this year. Call this PRP – Personal Recovery Plans.

This is part of our ongoing effort to invent new ideas (like that Music of Markets concept) that could change the way we absorb information.

Then to wrap up, some headwork on what it’s really liked to have new “extra sensory perceptions.”  Not as hard to develop as you might think.  Extended Human Perception may be as simple as training ourselves to “open up” to other sensory channels. And testing our “off buttons” frequently.

OK, so a wide-ranging discussion list this morning. Best get to work after a few headlines and a mess of charts…

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