Past Life Regression Firsthand

On break in another lifetime today. We have written many times of our interest in doing a past life regression.  Now, being enrolled in an online mixed media program, not only have I actually had one.  But I also wrote a detailed account of events which runs just north of 5,000 words.  That’s book chapter-length.

On break in another lifetime” refers to the seeming reality of certain dreams.  Where we don’t so much imagine a time and place as recall itThe effects are sensational.

Not a bad time to take a little break from events of the here and now:  No one likes hospitals being blown up in the Middle East, our SecState snubbed by the Saudis.  More to the point we have concerns for the personal safety of the American president.

He’s on the ground in troubled lands and it forces us to remember there were two or three different plans to kill the Archduke Ferdinand to light off World War One.

Are the rhymes of history this deep and troubling?  Pull up a cup and a chair…we’re going to check it out.

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