The Electric Future Quandary

Just 10-days to Elections and 26-days until the other turkeys show up.  And while we enter the solar shortage period of winter in the northern hemisphere, it’s a dandy time to look at energy prospects.

You see, a reader did some quickie calculations – that I haven’t been able to fault – which looks at highly-touted electric vehicles as THE answer to everyone’s climate worries.  And if you hug trees, ya’ll won’t like the data-based conclusions that come out of a hard look.

Throw in the latest chapters in the Adventures of Elon and the ChartPack view from Friday with new forward projections and a good time will be had by all.

Or not.

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Electrical Readiness

When there is talk of nukes flashing off, the one critical vulnerability you will already need to have hedged is electricity.  People don’t generally consider how utterly reliant the world is on electricity.

Even more so in the past five-years, or so, as the iniquitous “wall warts” have become the USB charging ports on damn near everything that plugs into AC power, seems like.

This morning, a short discussions on the why and a checklist of things to keep at a constant state of readiness.  At least until the warring and confrontational mindset that has encircled the globe lists and calmer spirits prevail.

Judging by war talk and markets, might not be any time soon, though.

In response, we go through the personal EMP readiness checks today…what will you need?

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The Money Comes from Someplace

Wherein we look at a nearly 800-point increase in the Dow and wonder “WTF?”  There was no driving news, the Fed will still meet and raise rates. The Davos crowd is still pressing for its Global Reset to scam World Government into being.  AND we still see gasoline prices rising this week.

While “down here on the farm” off-road diesel was $4.57 a gallon.  And we can walk to the oil pumps in the 600-acre reserve just across the street.

Of course, we knew something would soon “be up with energy” 9-months ago.  Because that’s when we started receiving unsolicited offers to buy a 15 acre parcel which is likely drillable.  We know from years past work that we have gas around 7,000 to 8,000 feet down and oil below that.

[We won’t go Beverly Hillbilly’s on you – we own surface rights only.  In Texas there’s a huge business in subsurface rights.]

But look, gas prices going UP should not drag the stock market up – at least on any rational planet.

So, after a few headlines, our ChartPack will ponder-as-we-go “Where’s the money coming from?”

Deerstalker hat and some Jamaican Blue at the ready?

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PT, CPT and Quantum Bounding of Choice

Oh-oh!  Into Prospect Theory (PT), Cumulative Prospect Theory (*CPT) and whether investment choices are driven by quantum bounding or, conversely, give rise to it? A little early to “go heavy and deep” but over the past couple of weeks a strangelet of quantumness has been nagging at me.  Specifically, how free choice may indeed be bounded by a choicing matrix few handle consciously.

Admittedly, this is creepy-strange stuff for a (nominally) lifestyle, futuring, and small-time investor’s newsletter.

But if we can help you scalp better through improved apprehension of decision biases we all hold?  Sure, we’re down with ‘take the money.’

We’ll launch into the morning’s pot of idea stew after our usual headlines and a look at what MIGHT have been “turnaround Tuesday” – which got lost on its way.

Leaving the hard call (“Where is the ideal re-short position?“) for today’s time-in-chair-trading.

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