Navigating Lifestyle Collapse

Word that CV-19 has continued to accelerate comes as no surprise around here; we’ve been projecting it for months.  It’s how “compounding” works.
Yet, the arrival means more than draconian government regulations, there are the problems of “savings destruction” because that’s the stuff of which major Long Wave Depressions are made.
That and drought.  But, out West, we’re going through a serious dry spell and the long range forecasts are worrisome.
Rather than get wrapped around the axle of more “useless election news” (other than noting that Elaine and I are available for $100 per hour (each) to count votes – and we take direction on which way the count should come out very well…  (kidding, of course!)
Why, if we were in a more “marginal state” than Texas, such job credentials might start a bidding war…
Seriously, though, long-term goals are changing quickly now that many of the “assumptions of retirement” are being turned into “mass casualties of CV-19.”
We will do some spot checks after a few headlines and the charts.  Which are worrisome enough, too…
Important:  It’s Veterans Day – thank a Vet for their Service.

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Independent Human Research Groups (IHRGs)

Tired of wasting your time on social media and election jitters? This morning we outline a new concept to evolve the “next big steps” in human evolution.

While a lot of Americans have been wasting “personal processor clicks” on fears of riots, insurrections, and voter fraud allegations, we’ve been working on a tool that could be spun out of social media.

In a nutshell, insight and intelligence do not live on a Bell Curve.  Yet, as humans, we organize ourselves as-if it were the only way of ‘being.’

I assure you, it is not.

So, this morning, we begin inventing a new “system of inventing.”  One that harnesses the power of large bodies of humans and their intelligences in a way that’s never been done before.

After a few comments on elections, headlines, and our Aggregate Markets view of finance.

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Worst Possible Outcome

Stand by for America to “fix” a bunch of non-problems. As we awaken to a “revolution lacking but a match” it looks like lawyers – not voters or rational humans – will decide our next president.

Rather than our typical drill-down into some important aspect of life, we instead focus today on a collection of tell-tale data that will shape the soon-coming future.

And about that match?  Prime time and social media are are fumbling for it, already…

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