Evolving a Trading Rule Set

Trend Your Friend?  Problem is, which Trend is someone talking about? Today we lay out use of differential trend detection tools. And does it fit with your personal investment style?

Especially when the Buy’ed ’em Fed is rolling with a “desperation cash dash” into markets to play Beat Back the Clock which was, until yesterday setting up for a 55 (trading) day collapse this spring in April.

When failure of the cash-splash reveals, the temporal zone around Presidents Day may become Charmin Week.  But(t) we shall see..

Although the main application is to stocks, this is a discussion that works well in casinos and a lot of other places where there is “choice.”

While we can’t take the “luck out of Chance” we can, at least, figure some ways to back it into the corner a bit.

Which is a longer than usual discussion, but I was asked, so stand by for a flood of ideas.

After a few headlines (like the ADP jobs report) and then a run through this morning’s ChartPack…

Hell yeah!  Let’s create 40% fewer new jobs than January a year ago and hype the living bejesus out of it!!!

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“How to Live on $10,000 a Year, Or Less” Ch. 2

Just couldn’t stop writing or working, after all. Workaholic?  Yah think?  After stepping out of a short trade, a bit early Friday, though taking profits is never a bad thing, I continued working on the update to my book “How to Live on $10,000 a Year, Or Less.”

Pertinent chapter because we talk about economic cycles but not a single math formula. We look at the cyclical nature of Depressions.  And seek understanding of how the various business cycles form a big clockwork.

Which “worked a lot of people over” this week.  In the ChartPack, we’ll tell you how the market is calling the SuperBowl next weekend.

First though, a few headlines and then the ChartPack which continues to deliver very sinister news…

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The “20-Something” Cycle

Today, hardcore economics with a side of woo-woo.  Futures were down hard ahead of the Fed rate pronouncement this afternoon.

Won’t mince words here except to remind all readers that we are in a period of extreme risk when we look at how the run from 2009 to now has paralleled the 1921 to 1929 market blow-off.

Even the crypto’s are in trouble, though we gave you our targets earlier.  With BTC down to $30,897, our call for thousands lower is looking less absurd than some virtualistas would otherwise have believed.

A few headlines and then we’re into the ChartPack, the cycle (which is very interesting) and the woo-woo which blew my socks off…

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