Advice from Captain Gooding

Two parts to this morning’s report.  First, the non-mathematical reason why economic depression is semi-inevitable.  Stay tuned. It follows-on from wild price appreciation coming to virtually everything this fall.

After the “theory class” we hear from a long-time source – who has taken on a new nom de plume (moniker) although at the same rank).  His previous had worn itself out.  We may have to issue a field promotion after his latest effort.

That said, there are – to the good Captain’s eyes – at least 14-ways we can each change our behaviors in really minimalist ways to help save the Tree of Liberty. Chainsaws are warmed up all around it – and even within.

All of which (*no worries here!) are totally legal, peaceable, and downright inexpensive.

A few war-picks from The Daily Warring Form for the period ahead and the ChartPack, of course.

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Mapping the Second Depression

Ever since December 2021, when we began advising it was time to learn gardening, conditions have been building toward Depression before 2023.  Even our moderate case for economic calamity, though, has gained strength as the modern Fed – while avoiding the same mistake of the 1929 Fed – has also mis-stepped and made up new errors.

We continue to admire the work of Ben Bernanke, who we’re pretty sure, would have disengaged his “helicopters of cash” at a more reasonable rate.

Still, during a Covid outbreak, serious witch hunts among the DC elites (plus Epstein’s ‘book’ and the Durham grand jury), what were you expecting, really? America’s collapse wasn’t going to be pretty.

This morning, a discussion of the “way ahead” and what could be brewing in 2023./  Plus, not to worry my cardiologist here, a few words about how to use SALT – Software-Assisted-Learning Tools.

In our ChartPack, the case for a large Elliott wave 3 down to place us on the backside of a modest 3(ii) rally.  Which means we’re likely to the 3-and-done part shortly.  Just frickin great.

But, it’s not likely we haven’t been planning for what’s coming.  And why we have invested in the objects of money, rather than the (deteriorating) paper itself.

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Four Horsemen of Summer

This being a holiday weekend, we will mainly focus on charts.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty going on.  It’s just some of it is below the surface.

We will, of course, “scratch that itch” a bit.  It’s what we do.

We also drop into a reflective mood in a snip from the Reporter’s Notebook.  Especially poignant given events in Uvalde, Texas.

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Our AmRev2 Web Plans

A Peoplenomics report today which is sure to get a large following, both with centrists and (probably) with fusion centers.

How many times have we told you how sick we get of people griping, whining, and becoming simple-minded, media-sucking, babies who don’t offer strong, effective, long-term solutions?

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen enough value to justify the payout (in income taxes, and such) to justify the input costs of government lately.

Government isn’t listening.  But even that won’t stop the patriotic backbone of America from getting back to the nation’s roots.

Here’s to the Peoplenomics reader base for being the Board of Directors for the AmRev2 project and site.

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