Automatic Money

I don’t like to be overly focused on “automatic money.” But it’s important to look at our returns on personal investments of time… Especially when some people spend hours every day looking at stock prices.  Is there a good ROI in that?

Automatic Money is a simple concept and it can usefully guide your “side hustle” efforts.

We also begin this morning – with the long weekend ahead – with a novel way of looking at (gulp!) climate change that occurred to me as I was pawing through Texas data.

Toss in this morning’s ADP jobs report number to kick things off, and our Aggregate markets view of stocks and an interesting morning, indeed.

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A Silver Lining to Bond Disintermediation

Bond market isn’t growing as fast as the stock market. In relative terms, it’s shrinking. Which, we think offers a novel opportunity to offload the Federal Debt onto individual shareholders.

The process takes a wee bit of explaining, but our point is that while the Federal Debt screams toward the $30-trillion level, there is a way to “IPO it away.”

The time to offload would be when, ideally?  How about in the midst of a massive stock bubble…like right now?

Which we will table after we first roll a few headlines and review our unorthodox view of the stock market this week.

Which was even more irrational than usual – Losing Afghanistan, but let’s run up stocks.  Why, it’s almost a harbinger of Buy the Rumor – and God forbid what the Sell the News events in the wings might be…

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China Lights it Up?

Nature abhors a vacuum – and the Biden mess in Afghanistan is creating a huge one.  With the Chinese having said – almost forever – that reunification with Taiwan will happen – the pending debacle still in the early stages of unfolding in the Middle East may offer China an unprecedented window of opportunity.

Will they take their time and await next year?  Or, will this fall (and we’ll give you a date to circle) be simply too much for them to pass up?

A chance for a two-fer?  Get  for China and hobble the U.S. for years to come?  We shall see what we shall Xi, we figure.

Meantime, the market seems to prepare for a fall rollover as new data still holds the line, but looking at new Fed numbers, trouble lurks.

A few headlines to warm up the brain cells and then into the thick of it.

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