A Course in "Financial Prepping" (Pt. 1)

How much financial prepping you can do is obviously limited, especially if you’re a “small fry” and you’ve been used to moving money around seeking a good rate of return.  But a funny thing happens in this morning’s report.  We dig far enough into the financial underpinnings of the economy to discover why gold and silver have not yet taken off to the upside…something that all by itself would be worth this morning’s column.  After coffee and crumpets, ‘natch.

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Is the World Ending July 1st?

A number of readers – and even our visiting house guest – asked this week about whether there would really be a “…collapse of the US Dollar on July 1st?

In a word, “NO!  Not likely.”  But we’ll explain this as a “matter of FACTA”  in due course.

But the fact that people even have questions about such an eventuality gets us into a “teaching mood” and so a number of quick “lessons from the newsroom” on how to sort out fear-mongering from reality are in order.  Maybe a simple set of rules so the next time you have a question like “Is the dollar collapsing in 2-months?” you’ll be able to answer it without help.

While I put on my best James Spader impression (spoofing the series The Blacklist”) and come up with a snappy quote, we’ll nosh and bean as we prick a few headlines, or was that headline a few….  Then onto the morning digital Danish:  Nine rules to avoid being an idiot.

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The Ongoing Attack on "Cash"

Governments are funny things.  While often pretending to “protect” citizens, they often supervise something much more sinister.  When folks aren’t looking, to cite the example of the Native Americans, they seize land shared by a community for tens of thousands of years.  Then they move out the first people and install new (and generally white) faces from European ancestry who are agreeable to developing the land in a certain way and comply with taxes on it.

The “disenfranchise one set of people” game looks to be playing out – at least for some Jews – in eastern Ukraine as well.

And that would be fine making headlines as it is (and rising resentment), except now there’s a global attack of a different sort underway.  Not in the headlines.  More subtle but potentially move devastating:  Under the guise of “fighting terror” government has now granted itself “regulatory authority” to track how you spend money.  All part of an invisible fight that the Mainstream Media isn’t talking about:  The attack on cash. 

This morning we dig into this a ways, after headlines and much future focus on aircraft carriers, charts, and coffee…

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Charts Marking Time: An Abbreviated Update

Due to travel plans and local commitments, our usual report will be extremely abbreviated today.  However, since many people are interested in our Trading Models, the ChartPack section is available this morning.  Yes, this morning’s report was done in a timely manner as always, but this is one of those odd “Server ate my homework” mornings…  4-hours of research and writing gone overnight when my server decided it would restart to apply an update.  Expect a longer than usual report Wednesday as a result.  Now, a few headlines, coffee, and those charts…

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