2 Days in Branson: A Surprising Long-Term Outlook

It’s been quite a busy past three days – but this morning I’ll do my best to sum up what the future could looks like based on a new pet theory of mine (Bullecules and Bearecules) and the hard Elliot Waves counts of Robin Landry.  I think you’ll be surprised by the outlook because I sure was.  As always, however, let’s start with some “expectation-setting headlines” and consider some of the possible “tilting” that could impact our playing field.

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Turning Your Home Shop Into a Business

Because the scent of fall is in the air, lots of folks will be turning to their home shops now that the good working weather is here, and turn on some of the long-delayed home improvement projects.  But can you get more out of your home shop?  Well, the answer is an unqualified….maybe!  This morning George (the tool man) looks at some ideas and opines on how an attractive home-based business for those who like to work with their hands might make sense as an economic insurance policy.  After headlines, and the charts of course, including our fancy trading indicator which has been much more right about the market than George has been of late.  Why he invented it and those choses to ignore it is just totally inexplicable.

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Where To from Here?

The market this week put on a very impressive rally, but as our little exercise in developing a simple trading system seems to be hinting, all the hoopla this week about “solving” the crisis (which is spelled similar to circus) hasn’t really fixed much of anything.  This coming week should be really key since we are now past euphoria of options expiration, too.  So this morning rather than roll through repetitive headlines, we’re going to focus on what Peoplenomics is all about:  Trying to stay ahead of economic trends and look off into the future a ways…

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Simple Questions–Hard Answers

Because there are so many moving pieces to the developing budget and debt ceiling story, I’m not going to focus on those in  this morning’s report (except, to pretend I’m a play-by-play baseball announcer like my old friend Manning Slater did in real life, but another story for another time…)  “It’s the bottom of the calendar, and the idiots are at bat...” is how I’d begin.  Which is why CNN hires a foreigner to anchor, I suppose.  So instead, something a little more hopeful:  A college kid wrote in and wanted me to answer some questions for him, like “Why do you prep?”   Boy, I bet he’ll be sorry he asked.  But we’ll spare him the full-meal-deal until after I do this short bit of play by play with a flow chart into the finals…

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