100-Year Toaster: Ch. 18 (Honest Money and Value)

The paradox of growth versus environmental balance (finally) wraps up today.  We out the final chapter of our next Peoplenomics ebook.  These are included with your Peoplenomics.com subscription.  However, some of the ebooks such as Power in the Second Depression are available on Amazon ($5.99).

This final chapter has taken more than a year to sort out.  Because the “way forward” for nearly 8-billion competitive people (all of whom like to eat three-squares a day) is a nearly insolvable problem.  What we come to is the policies problem.  Because corporations and governments have merged along a jagged frontier of competing and cooperative interests.

Of course, no Peoplenomics report is complete without our twice-weekly ChartPack.  And with the market futures early on the upside, we’re sensing the Fed announcement of a rate hike this afternoon could turn into a classic “Buy the Rumor – Sell the News” kind of event.

After a few other news items which are weighing not only on markets but the rational people who keep the world spinning forward.

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Confessions of a Market Agnostic

Yes.  It’s true.  I play both long (going up) positions and short (going down) plays. Remarkably, I make money either way things run.

It’s kinda like being a banker:  If things go well, they make money on interest.  If things go badly, they repossess assets and sell them off – oftentimes billing for any shortfalls, so they always make money.

The way we play the markets around here is similarly “direction independent.”  Which is why our news analysis is often spot-on:  We don’t have any interest in making a “logical case” one way, or the other.

Life is what it is.

Besides a relaxing summer weekend of considering this “heads you lose, tails I win” kind of approach, we’ll sort through the usual few headlines.  But the ChartPack, will be an eye-opener for many.  We play volatility and not direction.  Partisanship has been on the skids for a long time.

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The Return of “Sweat Equity”

How would you like a brand-new home at less than half price? Not only is this possible, but there are people who do this all the time.  So this morning, we push around some numbers and show you how you can build your own and make a sweet pile of equity in the process.

There is, however, one underlying educational requirement:  You will need some basic woodworking skills.  You can pick these up by volunteering to help others who are building property, there are night classes, and even books like David Snell’s book “Building Your Own Home (18th edition)”  which makes the point that about a third of all new single-family detached homes are “self-built.”

In today’s world this means a $350,000 home can be self-built for about half that amount – and how would YOU like to step into a new home with $175,000 of equity and a house payment half as large (and about half as long) as others in your ‘hood?

First, though, some fresh data to sniff and then a tackle of the ChartPack as we try to wrap around the insane rally Tuesday.

Caffeine and calculator ready?

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Keyword Roulette

Wherein we replace the programmatic news decided by the Powers and minion Editors.  And instead, we use a “What keywords really matter in my Life?” approach.

We’ll give you the idea and you can dial it in to whatever your circumstances are.

It’s a reaction to wife Elaine’s sometimes habitual listening to the “all news” station out of San Antonio – a practice which loads her mind and weighs her down, oftentimes.

Cast off the control of media is then followed by our discussion of Christmas in July with the commercial’s big payday as the shorts were run to the ground at the options close Friday by a short-squeeze rally.

Pour and then pore to avoid poor.

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