"Packing to Die" -The Book Continues

Connecting to Energy. Amped without trying is on the table this morning. Life as a Film School, too.

Along with F-Stops and Tapestries unfolding through Life.  As our preview of my book “Packing to Die: Suitcase Between your Ears” continues.

Of course, before we begin, we’ll size up the week’s  bounce (which looks to be pausing in the pre-open) and see if the ChartPack can give us some solace along the way.

A few headlines for a warm-up, too.  Since the noise floor can be distracting at times.

As with most summer weeks, with lots of people on their first real “vacation times” for a couple of years (lockdowns and all) we can’t get too jacked up over markets, or much of anything else.

After all, this is BBQ weather…at least some places.  Which leads into our first series of headlines:

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