"Packing to Die" – Chapters 13 & 14

Transportable wealth – the kind you can take with you – can only be stored between your ears and in your heart.  It’s a scientifically backed fact that most people don’t want to face.  Let alone inventory, assess, plan, and evolve action plans toward excellence.

That’s why I’m writing a “practical book” on the topic.  Humans have lived under the thumb of a fear-mongering class of Controller Elites long enough.  Although the battle for change in the “here and now” must also be waged in the “other Realms” of humans; death and dreams.

Not finding anything suitable with plenty of tangibles (and without passing a collection plate for some cause, or other) the book evolved as a third in a series of books that considers the Human relationship with “Dimensions Next Door” which may answer “Skinwalker” kinds of questions.  As well as “Psychocartography” – a series of practices designed to increase dream recall and become an emissary between the waking and sleeping worlds.

Of course, before starting, we will roll through a few headlines and see what the ChartPack is telling us about yesterday’s “snap, crack, and jump” that saw a decent sell-off immediately followed by a dead cat bounce which – we reckon – ought to fade as the week wears on .

Important Reader Notes: There are three items of a “housekeeping nature” everyone should be aware of.

1.  There shouldn’t be any ads now on the UrbanSurvival home page.  Yes, if you click through to an article, those expense covering beasties will appear.  But no point in scaring people off before they get to content.  Besides, since Google is making such a Big Deal about page speed, ads slowing down page speed rankings which results in ranking penalties.

2.  Also on UrbanSurvival, there is a new tab far right side of the top menu called “Hot Deals.”

If, when you’re out and about and find a genuinely good deal on something, worth sharing with friends – of a new use for an old “thing” – please feel free to post it as a Comment section on that page.

These will all be manually approved (and no, please no posting of commission-generating links!).

The idea is that if you find a retailer online is having a one-day blow out sale (like a 65″ UHD TV for under $200 bucks with free shipping, say) that would be of interest.

Or, 5-gallon pails of nitrogen packed stored freeze-dried high protein meals for $59.95… That kind of thing.

3.  Last, we have moved our nameserver for Peoplenomics and it seems to have gone without a hitch.  We shall see (Murphy’s law lurks everywhere these days!) but for now that part of the transition of Peoplenomics to a modern, responsive layout (goal is to have everything working smoothly by year end on the upgraded site) is moving along on what passes (around here, anyway) as “on schedule.”

OK, time to play Columbian, Arabica or Kona roulette with the coffee packs and move along…

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