"Packing to Die" (Ch 1)

The Suitcase Between Your Ears.  This is not a “warm and fuzzy” book.  BUT it will force you to come to terms.  Not only with Death – we all go there, eventually.  We’ll focus on the opportunities that surround us in Life.

As the “method” school of acting wonders, then “What’s my motivation?”  Dandy question and we will take a stab at it.

In the book, I hope you’ll discover for yourself something that changed my Life forever.  I came to terms with Death.

Sure, I’m going to die; bummer.  That being the case, though, how about we look at it strategically.  The book more than just a business geek’s way of looking at the “D-word.”  Although Death is a huge industry with many moving parts from collection plates to level 3 chest protectors.

At a high level, these business models inform us.  OMG, there are so many hands out and so many charlatans, it will make your head spin.

While we have been “through the wringer” with complex website issues for the past five days, it’s also reminded me to share something I’ve been working on for several months in background:  A practical book on dying and some useful ways to plan for The End.

Which we will dig into after a few morsels of Headline action ahead of this afternoon’s Fed meeting. And our ChartPack which tells as much about the world as it does short-term trading, at times.

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