Our Q4 Outlook, Part 1 Plus How to Chart Stocks and Metals

imageIf you’ve ever wondered how I compose the charts and expectations used in Peoplenomics outlooks, this is the issue for you…today and Saturday’s will be “chart school.”

All those damn “squiggly lines” will not only make sense, but hopefully some money for you!

This morning we will interleave the drawing of lines on charts with a discussion of prospects for Q4 which should get us into the new year.

Normally, I would say something about how useful this information is to anyone – even people who think they are non-investors because they have their money in “safe.” retirement vehicles.

Sorry to say, but nothing is really .safe. anymore.

But there is a reason this is a two-part report.  The first part is devoted to a discussion of how I go about tackling the problem of divining the future.  So if you’ve ever wondered “what is the Aggregate Index:” stuff all about – and how can I make money with it – you have come to the right place.

We may not have all the answers, but we are slowly evolving a set of ideas.

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