Our New Trump Policy

Ouch!  Day one after hernia surgery and a new idea hits:  We’re looking at a “Trump Policy” for our websites. Don’t panic.  I’m exploring aa proposed policy and putting out some ideas for subscriber-only for comment because they are really who we serve.  There are only a few hundred of them.

Point is, I want a policy to govern site comments so they don’t degenerate into ad hominem attacks.  Call me lazy, but name calling and unrelated Trump bashing has to go.  The last straw has been trying to blame Trump for the recent shootings.

Before we get into the “clean up the web” discussion of whether this is self-censorship or simply cutting down the “noise floor” of our future-scanning receivers and markets Replaying 1929 scenario, we will update our Aggregate Index approach to market charting refine the downside a bit more.  Headlines, coffee, and more.  All as I pencil out a post-surgery summary for Saturday’s report on “Wound Super-Healing?”

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