On Farming Humans

It all begins with rent.  From there, we see a computer software design pattern kick it.  From a single act of systemic compliance, a whole shitshow of logical consequences follows.  One on the previous, day after night.

There is a problem – existential in nature – that lurks with this “commerce model.”  Specifically, the issue is “How high can a deck of cards be stacked?”

Soon, all those Marxist backed “social movements” become as predictable as the DIM ARRAY command.

Our concern is now more elevated.  Because just as power used to be a two-dimensional world, we are now living in a multidimensional world.

No worries, it will all make sense when we build up the data model and kick it around a bit.

After the morning ChartPack, of course , and a few headlines.  While our charts focus on the odds of a bloodbath in markets ahead. Like this month…

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