NextGen Warstyles

As the Global brinksmanship continues, some useful thinking about Warstyles is due. While it’s said that “generals fight the last war over again” we see with the recent Party Favors War (PFW) that the guests in the Next War will have a considerably different UX (user-experience) than previous encounters.

So much has changed, and more changes are coming.

This is a worthy topic from an investment standpoint, as well.  Because not only will larger civilian populations be held captive using many of the new warstyles, but in addition many of the impacts can be gamed ahead of time and evasive actions mapped.

We are living, to put it in Gamer context” in the “first-look, first-shoot” world we fear so much.

Be of good humor, though.  The market is still likely to open this morning.  And the start of Spring in America is just over a month away.

What could go wrong?

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