New America? Check the Rearview

Wherein we “look ahead in the rearview” with a unique historical guidepost system most people don’t think about. Not saying that we are going back to the “past-Ure” but if you’re wondering what will need doing in the “Post-Tech world” business ideas abound.

Which will be grist for the brain after an assortment of headlines and our stunningly interesting ChartPack.

Stunningly?  Did the man say “Stunningly?”  Well, sure – but it’s no more over-hype than much of what the media is saying all-around.  Ad revenue is dying because the old America is passing from view.

Where we’re going?  I’m thinking 1948…

No Podcast Today.  Yes, Pod 18 is missing in actionSeems the studio PC has not been on the internet in a month or two and because of that (not being able to talk to some mother ship somewhere) the machine decided not to boot up today.

The case for Linux builds as survivable computing…

After pissing-away 2-hours (until 6:25 AM) getting Win-10 to work again, I stumbled upon one of those Big Cosmic Truths of Prepping:  Ask yourself (or Microsoft) is their OS will keep working for an indefinite period of time?

Adding insult to injury, when I got the PC working (barely) I discovered that I had to change my Microsoft account on that PC…  We may be only one driver update from calamity.

Which means when I got over to the office, I had to change that account to the new password.  And,  to top it off, I can’t use my old unhackable password (*15 characters of everything, upper, low, special chrs, numbers, and so on) because I had used it before.

Well, about here I was running out of time and brain cells so what we have is a delay of podcast 18 until next weekend…

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