NBC/HI Prepping: What No One Talks About

img4Yes – NBC as in nuclear, chemical, and biological. The HI is hunger immigration which we’ll come to presently.

Our thinking this week?  It’s time to get a lot more serious about our prepping, why we do it, and the “other agenda” that may be working.

This is the first of two parts on the return of the nuclear threat and it comes because of economics of control that make a showdown likely at some point in the future.  But we start today considering the prospects of hunger (and water) driven population displacements.

Right now, we have plenty of time.  The U.S. is letting Iran run the clock until at least the end of June (and I’m betting longer) so we have lots of lead time.  California is only on the leading edge of dewatering.  These clocks won’t run forever – and as economics adjusts to changing expectations, markets could implode.

We delve into the very real problem is disappearing water right after headlines and a check of our Trading Model.  This weekend, we’ll look at the other *(more readily solvable) problems of nuclear, biological, and chemical outlooks.

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