Move Over NZT

The second chapter of my next informational project “Hacking Old Aging” rolls out today. First, though, it’s useful to read the TV plotline from the series  “Limitless” where a hypothetical drug, NZT-48, gives the hero nothing short of Super Powers.
This assumes we all survive COVID19 – so we’ll jump into that today, as well.
Fictional, this NZT stuff?  Well, for some.  But over the past 20-years,; I’ve been able to sneak-up of a few of those same qualities.
Today, we will focus on the beginnings of that migration. 
Also available for subscribers: Podcast #10 (38:10 worth) here.
Before we do, though, the “usual suspects” will be dealt with:  A few pertinent news events, and our odd graphical ways of considering the markets…

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