More on our UrbanSurvival Site Issues

As I mentioned earlier, the website is down.  Looks like something on the server side because I can log into the content management system and there’s a “disk full” error when I try to go in through the CPanel doorway…

Which means I will be trying to sort this out as the day wears on, but in the meantime, we will still be keeping things alive with the Peoplenomics site.  It’s why we have two discrete sites in the first place.

Not sure what will happen with our long-term hosting provider.  Turns out, the owner (and the sparkplug) of the company passed away in May.  As a result, things on the business end of that provider are in disarray.

We may be going through a bit of “web hell” because even though we have backups or things, anytime you’re moving servers and content around, it’s something of a crap shoot.

So, not a very happy day here.  When the backup of the Peoplenomics site (I’m going two deep on that one!) we will post a note on the UrbanSurvival site if we can.  However, since the reason its down is “out of disk space” no telling how long that will take to clear.

Sheesh, huh?

Well, back to noodling and spewing…

I’ll keep you posted.