Moment of Realization

Bear!  The report that the stock market (measured by the Dow Industrials) has now experienced its longest losing streak since 1923 is certainly no surprise around here.  Our subscribers have enjoyed the advantage of a multiple-index, equal dollar weighted average to help put present day – and historic al times – into perspective.

Overall, though, most Americans don’t really care.  They still parrot whatever the “financial products” sales crews are selling.  Believing somehow that an evolving serious recession from Q3 this year – accompanied by gasoline shortages along with insufficient food – can’t possibly happen to them.

Good luck with that.

For the rest of us, though?  We are crystal clear on what needs to be done.  Plan a course through the upcoming American Upheaval that will ensure as much risk and minimize personal disruptions as much as possible.

Although Elaine and I have been prepping since selling our sailboat and moving ashore in 2002, the real “topping off” for this sleigh ride commenced late last year when it became clear in our modeling of future, that it really was time to begin survival gardening in earnest

We’ve habitually been “early adopters” though.  So this morning a few notes and plenty of charts about how this “recognizing The Shift” might play out.

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