Modeling the Very End

Not of a bull market, but the entire silliness of global civilization. Not solely because of the Omicron version of virus, however.  Our “reality” – which you can think of as the Second Tower of Babel – is what the Internet provides.

For the past 50-thousand-odd years, it has been a “nice” goal to have: People everywhere and everyone doing things for one-another.  Where we went wrong?  In the evolution of notional values as substitutes for real ones.

Not to rain on your holiday weekend – and I was only going to offer the bare ChartPack today (since it is a holiday weekend).  But as I was plugging this week’s data into my “plan ahead modeling” which I haven’t ever mentioned publicly, well….one thing led to another.

Top off the bean and forget the headlines this weekend.  Think of this as the background setting for our upcoming Annual Forecast edition for subscribers.

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