Mixed Blessings of Anti-Aging Medicine

Economics eyes a new systemic stressor this week.  As though fresh economics warnings, earnings disappointment, recurrent disease outbreaks and expanding war fronts aren’t enough?

Today, a few quick thoughts on this anti-aging problem.

Plus, a few notes on our upcoming change in appearance as we plan a dramatic shift of styles in the near future.  All in the wake of an Excel near-disaster which I will tell you about and explain how to avoid and recover.

NOT the way I did:  A complete rebuild of an entire complex computing platform in the last 24-hours.

Headlines and the ChartPack, too.  Plus the breaking PPI and Retail numbers.  Fed data on Industrial Production will be out 15-minutes ahead of the open.

Even more important is our Peoplenomics expansion plan which may include user conferencing and the too-long delayed switch to a phone-friendly platform.  Check out the “Way Forward” comments after the ChartPack.

In every crisis – even one driven by a quirk in Excel – there is opportunity.

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