Merit-Based Lifespans

You know the Fooled and Doped Administration has halted public sales of NMN – a potentially life extending supplement, right? What is not being spoken of much is the gross (obscene) violation of medical ethics in play.

Years ago, there was a study on low-dose aspirin, and when the trials showed the intervention worked, the study was busted and the people not getting the low-dose aspirin were given the option of taking it.  The statistical life extension from reduced cardiac risk was that major.

We won’t dwell on the fact that Seniors are going to die ANYWAY so give us what we want.  Instead, we will look where this is all going.

Eugenics fans will be thrilled to see how it’s a major milestone on the road to Merit-Based Life Extension.

Sorry, dear readers, but this is exactly the kind of overreach the government pulled off by patenting many of the marijuana compounds.  Gave them power they didn’t need, and which is certainly NOT in the Constitution.  (Neither was mandatory EXPERIMENTAL SHOTS.

In the interest of full disclosure?  Elaine and I did NOT get The Jab.  But, since Elaine is 80 and I’m quickly closing in on 75, we figure if we want to self-medicate, we have that right. Or, should.

Not after a bunch of Nanny State ass clowns (who decided God made mistakes with His Flora) should usurp our freedom to choose.

You can choose an abortion but they’re moving toward control of healthy aging.  Though, we’ll admit, with less than 10-years until Social Security blows up (and benefits will have to come down at least 25 percent) we know there’s an actuarial excuse out there somewhere.

‘Pay To Live is on the way!  And, as we’ll explain, a Chinese-style Social Credit Score is likely to determine your lifespan in the very-near future. Maybe even more than diet and exercise once you get up into our age range.

After the ChartPack and housing data, of course.

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