Like Shooting Fish? Or Do Fish Shoot Back?

Normally, I would post this as a subscriber update on the site, but I will post to both in order we are all on the same page.

I took out a small short position today against the Dow on the theory (as we have discussed many times) that the NASDAQ/techs lead the way.

My specific trade (and this is NOT advice!) was

Buy X,XXX SDOW Executed @ $31.8264  06/09/17 | 01:56 PM ET.

I am looking at this as an arbitrage trade since the NASDAQ is now down more than 2 percent.

Can all “tape-painting” in the Dow prevent a major drop here?

Well, I’ve got some money where my mouth is…

May or may not hold over the weekend, but between all the “literary language laying” and techs in free-fall, WTF? 

It’s only money… we’ll see how it looks going into the close…

Write when…oh, you know…